• Use any purchased images for your own personal use or to gift to others for their personal use.

  • Print paid for digital images up to 350 times per year and use them in handmade projects for small commercial use.

  • If using images in products for sale, they must be handmade by you and not be digital or part of a production line

  • Contact me to discuss modification of detail images

  • Create the same art as detailed in tutorials, for your own personal use including sharing images on social media, but please credit Victoria Wilding. 


  • Reproduce any purchased images in any way

  • Sell printed canvas or paper sheets of digital images purchased from Victoria Wilding

  • Sell digital images as part of a journal/scrapbooking DIY kit

  • Share purchased files with others, or offer them for re-sale 

  • Modify digital artwork for resale

  • Use language or images in comments which is defamatory, offensive, obscene, or violates someone else’s intellectual property rights

  • Claim copyright for images or content which belongs to Victoria Wilding