Five secrets to creating art

Updated: Jan 30

Welcome to my new blog and website!!! It's taken me forever to stop procrastinating and just do this, but finally after hours in front of the computer, I've done it! I have a brand new website and blog.....eek.

I started creating just over four years ago and started sharing my work on Instagram from the start. At the time I was in treatment for cancer and suddenly had a ton of spare time and a lot of isolation to deal with, so being active on social media helped make me feel part of the world. With so many other big worries, I didn't really consider if what I made was awful and was glad for the absolute distraction that losing myself in colour achieved. I'd always wanted to create floral art but high school art classes had made me believe that I didn't have any artistic ability. How wrong I was!

I'm not claiming to have the same skill level as Monet or Van Gogh, but I really, honestly believe that everyone has creative ability. It just takes a lot of dedication and practice to develop those skills. The really great thing about sharing my work on social from the beginning, is that now when I look back, I can clearly see how much progress I've made.

The last four years have been quite the creative journey. I've learned A LOT!!! So many artists are so generous with sharing their knowledge and so I want to give some of that back and share some creative love of my own. I'll be using this blog to share weekly projects with step-by-step how to's and would love to chat to you about all things art. Let's create a colourful, happy space together, away from the worries of the world.

So whether you're new to creating or a seasoned pro, I thought I'd start our journey by sharing my five secrets to creating art:

  1. Make a plan and make a start - Just staring at a blank page is the worst! Depending on what type of art you make, it can help to just get a mark on the page. For mixed media pieces this works a treat, but for my very structured floral pieces, not so much. I find it helps to keep an ideas list in my phone so that I always have the beginnings of a plan.

  2. Grow your idea bank - This is where social media comes into it's own. Spend time looking at other artists work and figuring out what you like and don't like. You will have an opinion on everything from subjects, to colours, textures and techniques and it will help you form ideas about what type of art you would like to create. You can use all of this information to make a list of the things you would like to try or why not create your own inspiration wall.

  3. Embrace the process - Creating is a process and there is always more to learn, so you need to embrace the process and forget perfection. There will always be something in your work that you could do differently next time, whether that be changes to the composition, colour scheme or the techniques you used. So take time to enjoy what you did achieve and then move on.

  4. Practice makes progress - You really will get back what you put in so try to keep up good creative habits. I try to aim for some creative time every day to keep the makers fire burning. I know this might seem A LOT and it wouldn't be the right fit for everyone, but the trick is being realistic and planning ahead. So whether you have ten minutes a day, or one morning a week, committing to a regular art practice will make a real difference to your work.

  5. Use what you've got - You need surprisingly few art supplies to create really beautiful art (ssshhh don't tell my husband!) so use what you've got. I admit I have a constant wish list and a mild supplies addiction, but I wouldn't ever let this stop me from creating. You can often use alternative products if following along with tutorials and part of the fun is discovering your own ways of doing things anyway!

I'd love to hear about your secrets to creating art. You can share in the comments below or tag me on social using #secretstocreatingart

Take care and have a happy, creative week


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