to my creative corner nestled in the Pennine Hills of Lancashire! Whether you're here as a fellow maker or as an admirer of pretty things, thanks for stopping by.

I'm Tori and just over four years ago I started to get crafty, tucked away in the corner of my living room. Completely self-taught and with regular practice, my floral pieces bloomed and my obsession with watercolour and paper quickly grew to include ink, acrylics, art journalling and all things mixed media. 

I'm passionate about the link between wellbeing and art and try to find some creative time every day. Sometimes it will be 10 minutes, sometimes a few hours, but whatever time I have, filling my life with colour one page at a time, brings me such peace and joy. My art obsession was borne from my battle with cancer and is a lasting positive force in my life. I truly believe everyone has an inner creative, you just have to learn to tap into it and I would love this to be a space for trading secrets and inspiring each other. 

I regularly share my work and process through my social media channels and on the blog. Come and take a peak at what I'm up to and follow along for hints and tips behind my creations, where I cover everything from inspiration to supplies and techniques. 

And if you feel like spreading a little colourful love into the world, check out my shop for handmade cards, art for your home or printables (if you want to have a go at making your own!). Your support is really appreciated and helps me to continue spreading the colour love.



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